gengahr ⋆ los campesinos ⋆ lovejoy ⋆ crystal castles ⋆ junodream ⋆ lana del rey

im in an extremely low-key band w 4 others but i mostly write music on my own :) i play guitar n do lead vocals!


STARWARS!!1!!1 pls talk to me about the clone wars or mandalore!! ⋆ DOCTOR WHO!!!! im the 10th doctor irl trust!!!!!! ⋆ i do not have the mental capacity to be invested in any other fandoms, sorry!!!


keeping my houseplants alive ⋆ equestrian, i loan a horse <3 ⋆ updating my spacehey ⋆ crochet

check my spacehey 4 books n other interests :))



i dont have a dni, if i dont want to add u i j wont lol :p i am however less likely to add u if ur 18+ or we dont have anything in common

im not on the internet to get a large number of followers or friends, im here to talk to people about things we're interested in so if ur adding me to grow the count on ur profile, dont <3


one main thing - im likely to call u bbg/babe at some point if we interact, ofc this all meant purely platonically and i will probably call u bbg regardless of ur gender so if that makes u uncomfy lmk, im not doing it to misgender u or anything i j call my mooties that :DD i also blaspheme and swear a lot <3 my bad